Ramona Singer wants to make it clear that she has her co-star's back.

Earlier today, fans of the Real Housewives of New York City were shocked to learn that Jules Wainstein's marriage had come to an end after eight years.

As it turns out, even some of her cast members were caught off guard by the announcement.  

"I'm very saddened for Jules. I know her heart's broken. It's never easy when there are problems in a marriage, especially when you realize you need to divorce and I'm there for her," she told E! News exclusively while making a personal appearance at Harmon Face Values. "She's doing as well as she can in the situation and her priority—because she is such a great mother—are her two children."

Ramona continued, "I think Jules was totally shocked by what happened and was very disappointed and it's sad. It's just very sad."